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    We partner with venues that have a great product offering. Whether its a restaurant with amazing food and drinks menu, a fun lounge or bar we think our members would like, or a wine bar with a great selection.

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    Because we are a members-only platform, you will enjoy access to exclusive promotions at our Partners.

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    Sign up now at the cost of just one drink and unlock one-drink-a day for the whole month! Yes 30 days of free drinks for a price of 1.

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    Let us Kick-start your party- Redeem a free drink everyday at our handpicked partner venue(s). Get access to deals and events with our partners.

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Download the APP for free. Redeem your free Welcome drink within 7 days without subscription. Once you decide to become a SLUGGR, introductory monthly membership is only the price of one drink.

Become a SLUGGR and kick start your party now!

Its really too easy – Subscribe. Get your free drink credit instantly. Redeem anytime during the day.

How does the redemption process work?

We keep it simple – Once you are at the partner venue, browse and select your free drink, let our partner know of your free drink, once the partner brings your drink to the table they will enter their code on your device and redeem the drinks. Rate your experience and continue your party!

Multiple drinks in One Day

Nah! It’s a ONE DRINK at ONE PARTNER in ONE DAY deal! We give you multiple options (venues and drinks) to select from, but you can only redeem one drink per day. Once redeemed your next free drink credits to your account next day (06.00 AM).


Our venue partners offer great food and drinks selection. At SLUGGR, we handpick our partners to ensure an exclusive experience for our members. We also mix our partners and offers to provide more diversity of options to our members.

Party continues (Plan it well)

With SLUGGR you not only get a free drink everyday but also get access to great food deals and events at our partner venues. More Drinks! More Food! More Fun! Our merchants much appreciate when you decide to continue drinking and dining experience at their premises after the first drink.

Cancelling SLUGGR Membership

Walk in the park. Login and click Cancel Subscription under My Subscriptions and Plans from the main menu and you are done. Please note that we follow a no refund policy.

Want to be our partner?

Send us a note at support@sluggr.club. Our team will be in touch shortly to discuss the details - If you meet our standards, YOU ARE IN!

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